Message from Amy Doyle

Hi, I’m Amy. I'm a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist and the owner of White Stone Wellness.

I graduated from the New York Chiropractic College (now Northeast College of Health Sciences) with my Master’s degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition and am a member of the American Nutrition Association

Even after being in private practice for over a decade, I'm still passionate about educating individuals on how nutrition can affect them all the way down to their cells. My specialty is helping you sort through the excessive amount of misinformation when it comes to health and nutrition, and providing you with individualized, evidence-based advice.

Many patients who come to me feel they have exhausted all their resources, are sick of being sick and don’t know what else is left to do.

Many patients who come to me feel they have exhausted all their resources, are sick of being sick, and don’t know what to do. With all the health and nutrition information that's out there, knowing where to begin can be confusing and overwhelming. 

It's my goal to take away the confusion and overwhelm for you.

I love partnering with my patients to guide them toward their own personal goals, healing, vitality and joy.

alissa hosein
Alissa Hosein

Hi, I’m Alissa. I recently achieved my Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition at the New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury, New York. I am also working towards becoming a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist.

Part of my nutrition philosophy is that our diet goes beyond the food and nutrients we put into our body, it is so much more than just calories. It’s the way we view food, how we feel when we eat certain foods, the social aspect of eating, and how we interpret nutritional advice. Understanding the physiological, psychological, and sociological aspects of nutrition is necessary in creating personalized interventions. Combining this with evidence-based resources, my goal is to provide high-quality nutrition care.

I strongly believe that nutrition education and counseling are key to developing sustainable dietary practices. Together we will navigate through the tangled web of information available and separate fact from fiction.